Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frederick Douglass (Born as a slave in Maryland (1818). Escaped to Massachusetts in 1838. Became a renown author and lecturer, pushing for abolition. Appointed US Minister and General Consul to Haiti in 1889.)

In his autobiography, Frederick Douglass recounted in detail how he discovered from his master that slaves were to be kept from learning to read and write. Learning to read and write would cause slaves to be unhappy with their condition. Douglass states the following as an admonition from Mr. Auld (Douglass’ master) to his wife when he found that she had been trying to teach “Freddy” the letters: “A n----r should know nothing but to obey his master - - - to do as he is told to do. Learning will spoil the best n----r in the world.” Douglass taught himself to read and write, thus giving proof to what his master had said.

Sadly, this imposition of ignorance is still true today, but it is concealed in the smoke and mirrors of politics and the race industry. Now the purveyors of illiteracy are political bosses, who benefit from racism, and blacks who have been taught to hate whites. Black youth are taught to disdain anything from white culture, and this deprives them of a good education. They are taught that Western Culture is evil, that it was Western Culture that caused slavery. They are taught to hate the United States. Why learn to read and write when all you will be learning is Whitey’s view of the world? Think of prominent black political leaders here.

On the other hand, think of prominent blacks, such as Bill Cosby, who speak reason. Cosby is excoriated. Speaking reason is not permitted. Reason is not permitted. Original thought is immediately suspect. Do not deviate from the party line. Fun is not permitted. “Follow the party line,” is permitted. Obey. Obey. Obey.

In the US today, many blacks suffer under ignorance in precisely the same way as noted by Frederick Douglass. Now, however, their masters are government agencies handing out Welfare money, and also by shameless politicians who pretend to support black people.

Douglass commented that slave owners preferred to see their slaves “liquored up and fighting” on holidays rather than engaged in serious pursuits or religious studies.

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